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Autodesk Inventor 2010 Units

by sunithbabu on May 26, 2009

Any 2D drawing or 3D CAD model must be specifed in some units, say Inches or Millimeters, In this article we shall see more about Autodesk Inventor 2010 Units

Autodesk Inventor, by default during installation takes Inches as its default units, untill you specify the units of your choice say Millimeters.

Note: Every part, assembly, and drawing has a default units system. Values that you enter in dialog boxes are assumed to be in the default units unless you specify a unit name.

When creating a new file, default units are set. However, you can change the units at any time you want.

When you create a part or assembly, the units of measurement in the template sets the default units of measurement for the model. You can change the default units for the active document.

  • Click on tools Tab > Option Panel > Document Settings to open the dialog box.

  • Click the Units tab to open it.

To change the setting for any of the measurement types or precision, click the arrow next to the edit box. Select the setting from the list.

After you made the necessary changes, click on Apply.

You can also select a unit when starting a drawing by choosing from the template file which contain English and Metric units, see figure below

Template File

Note: When entering a value in a dialog box, you can override the default units by entering the unit name after the value. For example, 15 in. or 50 mm. Autodesk Inventor converts your entry to the default units.
The different units available in Autodesk Inventor are
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  • farrous13

    In a drawing, when I am dimensioning a part, can I dimension in mm and in inches?

    When I select a drawing in inches, all dimensions seem to be in inches. Can I alternate on the same drawing without having to override the number.

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    Just input the values in inches or mm. Either way is possible.

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