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Autodesk Inventor 2011 Customer Involvement Program

by sunithbabu on March 25, 2010

The Autodesk Customer Involvement Program (CIP) provides Autodesk with a method for gathering and analyzing data on how Autodesk customers use our products. By participating in the program, you add valuable input that helps Autodesk product managers, designers, engineers, and testers understand how to best improve your overall experience with Autodesk software.


Autodesk is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We strive to treat your personal information as safely and securely as possible. If you have any questions after reading through our statement, please let us know by contacting us Please note, this Customer Involvement Program (CIP) Privacy Policy supplements the Autodesk Privacy Policy, applies only in relation to the Customer Involvement Program and does not apply to other Autodesk sites, products, or services. To the extent this CIP Privacy Policy conflicts with the Autodesk Privacy Policy, the CIP Privacy Policy shall prevail.

What is the Customer Involvement Program?

The Customer Involvement Program is a program that dramatically improves the way Autodesk designs software and measures product performance and quality. It provides a way for customers to become involved in helping make Autodesk products meet their needs better.

CIP is available in nearly all of Autodesk’s latest product releases. CIP automatically collects information about the use of product features, system configuration, and software errors from customers who choose to participate. About once a day, a small file containing CIP information is sent to Autodesk’s CIP servers. The information is then analyzed to help improve existing products and products in development.

Autodesk software designers and developers use this information to:

  • Learn how customers discover and use product features
  • Learn how customers use multiple Autodesk products together to accomplish tasks
  • Understand how features operate in complex, real-world configurations
  • Learn more about error conditions that might be caused by software defects or configuration issues

What information is collected?

The Customer Involvement Program collects the following types of information if you participate anonymously:

  • Operating system name and version
  • System configuration information, such as processor, memory, and graphics card
  • Autodesk product commands and operations used
  • Name and version of Autodesk products
  • Error conditions
  • Format of data imported or exported from Autodesk products
  • IP address (used to estimate your country of origin). Your IP address will not be used to identify you.

If you participate with contact information:

In addition to the information listed above, CIP will collect the email address and company name you provide, along with the product serial number.

Contact information is required if you desire to participate in beta (pre-release) programs, and if you are willing to receive communication from Autodesk developers and product managers.

CIP DOES NOT send design information to Autodesk. It is not possible for Autodesk to recreate your drawings using CIP information.

Can I review the CIP information before it is sent to Autodesk?

No. The CIP data is optimized so that Autodesk systems can collect, receive, and process information accurately with little or no impact to the performance of your Autodesk products.

Is CIP anonymous?

CIP lets you participate either anonymously or non-anonymously. It does not collect information such as your name, address, phone number, or product serial number without your consent. If you participate anonymously, then you will not be contacted through CIP.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers who participate in CIP and also submit Error Reports to the Customer Error Reporting (CER) program may provide enough common information so their CIP information is no longer anonymous and could be linked to other data provided to Autodesk, including, without limitation, your email address. However, Autodesk will not link the information collected through CIP with your personal information without your consent.

How do I participate or stop participating?

You can choose to participate or stop participating at any time by opening the Customer Involvement Program dialog box in the product Help menu and following the relevant instructions. Your choice applies to all Autodesk products installed on your computer.

Where is my data sent, stored, and processed?

When your products send CIP data to Autodesk, it is sent in an encrypted form over the internet. When Autodesk receives the data, security technologies and procedures protect that data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

CIP data will be stored and collected on computers owned and operated by Autodesk, its licensees, agents, and service providers in the countries where Autodesk conducts business. In all cases, Autodesk requires strict security and confidentiality for the CIP data.

Disclosure of data

Autodesk will aggregate CIP data and share that data with its partners. However, this aggregated data will not contain personally identifiable information. Moreover, no personally identifying CIP information will be used or shared for direct advertising.

Autodesk will disclose CIP information in special cases when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or if in good faith we believe there has been a violation of law or other interference with or violation of Autodesk’s or other individuals’ rights or property.

Why Participate?

Your participation in the CIP helps Autodesk build a product that better meets your needs. By analyzing trends and patterns in software usage, we can optimize current product features, make positive changes for future releases, and better measure product performance and quality. Understanding how our customers apply Autodesk software in the real world helps us make sound product-development decisions going forward.

Autodesk Inventor 2011 has a different CIP

Click on Customer Involvement under Community Tab and under Get Started ribbon bar . . .

Now click on on My CIP Data as show in the figure below

You will be taken to a Autodesk website giving you a comparison about your peers using Autodesk Inventor. Here are details of CADProfessor CIP Data, 4 pieces of my system’s information and compared them to the averages of other Autodesk software customers. This is a quick way to see how my hardware stacks up.

Data Gathered from a System

System Details

Screen Resolution

Video Resolution

Operating System

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