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Autodesk Inventor – Keyboard Shortcut Guide

by sunithbabu on March 8, 2010


Its good so far, covering various topics of interest.  This post on keyboard shortcut, has given me excellent productivity at my work, so I would like to share the same with you. . .

Keyboard Shortcut Guide

Function Keys:

F1   –             Help Topics
F2   –             Pan
F3   –             Zoom
F4   –             Orbit
F5   –             Previous View
Shift+F5   – Next View
F6   –             Home View
F7   –             Slice Graphics in Sketch
F8   –             Show All Constraints
Alt+F8   –    Open Macros Dialog Box
F9   –             Hide All Constraints
F10 –            Unconsumed Sketch visibility toggle
Alt+F11  –  Open Visual Basic Editor
General Environment:
Ctrl+C  –          Copy to Clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+E Assembly Degrees of Freedom visibility toggle
M                       Measure Distance
Ctrl+N             New File
Ctrl+O             Open File
Ctrl+P              Print
Ctrl+Shift+Q  iMate Glyph visibility toggle
Ctrl+S               Save File
Ctrl+V              Paste from Clipboard
Ctrl+W             SteeringWheels
Ctrl+Shift+W Weld Symbols visibility toggle
Ctrl+X               Cut to Clipboard
Ctrl+Y               Redo
Z                          Zoom Window
Ctrl+Z               Undo
Esc                     Ends Active Command
Home                Zoom All

Page Up            Look At
Delete                Delete selected object
End                     Zoom Select
Ctrl+/                Origin Axes visibility toggle
Ctrl+]                 Origin Planes visibility toggle
Ctrl+.                 Origin Points visibility toggle
Alt+/                  User Work Axes visibility toggle
Alt+]                   User Work Planes visibility toggle

Alt+.                   User Work Points visibility toggle

Drawing Annotation Shortcuts:
A                          Baseline Dimension Set
B                           Balloon
D                          General Dimension
F                          Feature Control Frame
O                         Ordinate Dimension Set
T                         Text
Ctrl+Shift+T  Leader Text
Sketching Shortcut:
A                          Center Point Arc
C                          Center Point Circle
D                          General Dimension
F                           Fillet
H                          Fill/Hatch Sketch Region
I                            Vertical
L                            Line
O                           Offset
T                            Text
X                           Trim
=                           Equal
Part-Modeling Shortcuts:
D                          Face Draft
E                          Extrude
F                          Fillet
H                         Hole
Ctrl+Shift+K  Chamfer
Ctrl+Shift+L  Loft
Ctrl+Shift+M Mirror
Ctrl+Shift+O Circular Pattern
Q                        Create iMate

R                        Revolve
Ctrl+Shift+R Rectangular Pattern
S                        2D Sketch
Ctrl+Shift+S Sweep
;                         Grounded Work Point
/                        Work Axis
]                         Work Plane

.                          Work Point

Assembly-Modeling Shortcuts:
A                       Analyze Interference
C                        Constraint (Assembly)
Ctrl+Shift+E Degrees of Freedom visibility toggle
G                        Rotate Component
Ctrl+H             Replace
Ctrl+Shift+H Replace All
N                        Create Component in Assembly
P                         Place Component in Assembly
V                         Move Component
W                        Fillet Weld (weldment environment)
Tab                     Demote

Shift+Tab        Promote
Ctrl+Enter      Return
/                         Work Axis
]                          Work Plane
.                           Work Point
Ctrl+=               Parent
Ctrl+-                Top
Presentation Shortcut:
T                            Tweak Components
Drawing View Shortcut:
Ctrl+Shift+N     Create New Sheet
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  • Andreas

    The Schorcuts can use it again and again, many thanks to the great thread

  • dan shaw

    Any way to disable the F1- help command like in autocad? I’m continuously pulling up ‘Help’ instead of escaping/ finishing a dimension.

  • sunithbabu

    This cannot be undone., they are part of the software coding

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