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Autodesk Inventor 2012 Installation

by sunithbabu on March 23, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012 launched on 23rd March 2011. There has been plenty of enhancements in the new release., so its absolutely necessary to install the tool and work on it to gain productivity. This release of Inventor 2012 has some new & simple ways to install Inventor, so Installing Autodesk Inventor 2012 is more than easy as compared to earlier release.

Before silently installing Inventor 2012 and Inventor LT 2012 on client computers ensure Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 has been installed and the computers have been rebooted.

To prevent a silent install from failing on client computers :

  • Install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 on the client computers
  • Reboot Client computers before installing Inventor 2012 and Inventor LT 2012.


Step 1 Insert the DVD that was shipped to you and just follow the steps given below.


Autodesk Inventor 2012 can be either download from one of the following locations

So far GOOD, now let’s see the steps we have to move ahead to install the tool

Before starting to install, check the following details:

  • Confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If in doubt, click System Requirements at the bottom of the installer screen.
  • Review product documentation to clarify details such as the type of installation to do (stand-alone or network) and which products to install. Documentation is accessible from links on the lower left corner of the installer:
  • Ensure that your user name has Administrator permissions to install applications on the computer or network.
  • Obtain serial numbers and product keys for all products you want to install. These are on the product package or provided at the time you download the software.
  • Close all running applications.

Here is some basic information to help you choose the right path.

  • Install is recommended for individual users or small groups. The key point is that you will repeat the installation process on each computer. This is the only valid installation type for a stand-alone license, but it can also be used with a multi-seat stand-alone or network license.
  • Create Deployment is recommended for network administrators, using either a multi-seat stand-alone or network license. In the deployment process, the installation is configured once, stored on the network, and then distributed efficiently to users’ computers.For more information on deployments, see Create Deployment or the Network Administrator’s Guide.
  • Install Tools & Utilities is used to install tools and utilities related to your suite or product. If you have a network license for your Autodesk product, you will need to use this option to install the Network License Manager before any users can run the product. Consult the documentation for your suite or product to identify the available tools and utilities of interest.

Select Installer Language

On the first screen of the installer, you can select the language for the installer screens, using this control on the upper right:

For some Autodesk products, later in the install process you can select the language for installed products. For more information, see Change Product Language.

To Download a Language Pack

You can obtain language packs from the Subscription Center website, as follows:

  1. On the Select the Products to Install page, click the language drop-down arrow and select Add Language Pack.
  2. In the Language Pack dialog box, click the Browse button and select the language pack downloaded from the subscription center.

The following rules apply to language selection:

  • Only one language can be chosen per installation session. For example, you cannot chose English for one product and German for another product during the same installation.
  • Deployments must be in a single language. One administrative image can support deployments for different languages, but each deployment is for one language.
  • If you are modifying a deployment, or creating a new deployment using an existing deployment as a template, you cannot change the language of the deployment.
  • If you select a language that is not supported by some products, a default language is chosen.



Autodesk Inventor 2012 (Install Tools & Utilities)

Create Deployment

This is a customized set of installation files created by the deployment process. It is used to install a consistent configuration of programs on each computer. Other settings:

  • Administrative image path. Specify a shared network location where you have Full Control permissions. Users will go to this path to install the programs.
  • Target platform. Select either 32-bit or 64-bit to match the operating system of the computers that will use the deployment.
  • Include only products required by this deployment configuration. If selected, the deployment cannot be modified in the future to include additional products. If unselected, the administrative image will include all possible products, and the deployment can be modified in the future in any way.

Installation Settings

  • Silent mode runs the installation in background, without user input.

    ImportantIn silent mode, the user’s computer can restart automatically and without warning when the installation is complete.
  • log file records installation data for each computer.
  • network log file keeps a central record of installation data for all computers that run the deployment. It has the same name as your deployment, and must reside in a shared folder where users have Change permissions, so that their computers can write to the log file.


Before we go ahead with the installation of 2012, we can go ahead and install Network License Manager (in case of network installation & CAD Manager Tools that need to be installed) see below for information

Autodesk Inventor 2012 Network Installation Options and CAD Manager Tools selection

Now go ahead and select the country and other relevant details after selecting the License Transfer Utility and Software development kit


Select the Country and Select I Accept and Click on Next

Initialization of Inventor 2012

Select 30 Day Trial and Standard Installation

(Note: Product Key is essential to Install Professional or standard version of Inventor 2012)


The following notes provide a general overview. For more detailed information, see the Licensing Guide for your product.


License Types

You can install most Autodesk products for a trial period of 30 days to evaluate the product. If you purchase a license, it is configured as either stand-alone or network, and for a specific number of users. These license types are briefly described as follows:

  • stand-alone license is intended for use by one person. The licensed products can be installed on two computers, as long as both instances are not running concurrently.
  • multi-seat stand-alone license is intended to support a specified maximum number of users, but it can be installed on a larger number of computers for convenient access.
  • network license supports a specified number of users who are connected to a network. The Network License Manager is installed on one or more servers on the network to manage the distribution of licenses to users.

Network License Server Models

If you are using a network license, choose the server configuration for the Network License Manager that was specified at the time of license purchase:

  • Single License ServerOne server manages all licenses on the network.
  • Distributed License ServerLicenses are distributed across a pool of multiple servers in the network. You enter the name of each server in the pool.
  • Redundant License ServerThree servers are available to authenticate each license. You enter the names of the three servers.



Select the various components you need to install including Fusion 2012*

* Fusion is free with AutoCAD 2012 so, AutoCAD users can enjoy fusion modeling with AutoCAD and migrate to Autodesk Inventor 2012 . . .

Click on each of the inverted triangles to make some changes or customization for the installation. The content library will contain as usual all the library in the DVD or downloaded files, see below for more information

I will be selecting MM for my installation, this cannot be reversed.,



Final Screen After Installation Completes

Enjoy another release of Autodesk Inventor 2012 from Autodesk and learning from CADProfessor

Keep watching CADProfessor for more tutorials and tips & tricks on Inventor 2012


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