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How to buy AutoCAD LT 2012 for less price

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  • Peterchan_pm

    If I buy AutoCAD LT2012. Would I be able to install it on my Apple notebook as well as Desktop at home so that I can use it to do presentations on the road?


  • Anonymous

    If you are the ONLY user of both machines, and both machines are NEVER used
    at the same time with AutoCAD, and you can TOTALLY control that scenario
    100% of the time, you seem to fit the qualifications of the usage terms you
    read. Install the same way on both machines and authorize.

    License Transfer can introduce a hiccup occasionally, but it is a viable
    second option if you cannot control both PC usage terms all the time as
    noted above.

    Pick 32bit if you have a lot of legacy hardware and you plan to never buy
    much else that is new; or 64bit if you plan on keeping the PCs around for
    any length of time and buy other software during their existance. 32bit is
    dead for everything but light office work, web surfing, and word-processing
    tasks IMHO.

    You should be able to authorize both installations with the same serial
    number. It won’t matter if it’s 32 or 64 bit. There is no difference
    between files created in 32 and 64 bit LT.

    If you have a system crash down the road and have to reinstall, you’ll
    probably have to call and explain the situation so the serial number install
    count can get reset. I’ve had that happen in the past.

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