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Repair/Reinstall/Uninstall Inventor 2012

by sunithbabu on March 27, 2011

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When should I reinstall the product instead of attempting a repair?

Reinstall your product if you accidentally delete or alter files that are required by the program. Missing or altered files adversely affect the performance of your product and cause error messages when you try to execute a command or find a file.

If an attempt to repair an installation fails, reinstalling is the next best option.

After repairing my installation, is it possible to recover my settings?

Custom settings can be exported and later re-imported to the same system in case you have to repair the installation of your program.

When I uninstall my software, what files are left on my system?

If you uninstall the product, some files remain on your system such as files you have created or edited.

Your license file also stays on your workstation when you uninstall your product. If you reinstall on the same workstation, the license information remains valid and you do not have to reactivate the product.


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