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10 Reasons to buy Autodesk Factory Design Suite

by sunithbabu on October 2, 2011

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1.Use the Industry’s Best Design Tools
Autodesk® Factory Design Suite includes a comprehensive set of compatible 2D and 3D design tools that are among the industry’s most respected and widely used, including AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor® software. The interoperable software in the suite automatically converts 2D drawings into 3D layout models and lets users integrate reusable 3D models of machine and factory components, making it easier to try different layout scenarios digitally and find the most optimal layout solution. This cost-effective suite gives machine and equipment builders, system integrators, and manufacturers everything they need to design and visualize highly efficient factories before they are built.

2.Enhance your existing AutoCAD Workflow
The AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor software part of Autodesk Factory Design Suite includes factory-specific functionality that helps you create layout designs much more quickly than with traditional AutoCAD workflows. Autodesk Factory design Suite supports the DWG™ file format and makes it easy to move from your familiar AutoCAD 2D environment and experience the benefits of 3D—That means you can continue to use valuable legacy data and improve your workflow without making drastic workflow changes.

3.Speed the Factory Layout Design Process
Autodesk Factory Design Suite software includes purpose-built commands and a focused environment for rapidly designing factory layouts optimized for efficiency, quality, and flexibility. Smart facility objects—such as walls, doors, windows, and column grids—make it easy to resize and edit each model based on your layout requirements. Incorporate Point Cloud scans to capture the as-built state of your factory, drastically reducing time spent on manual measurement. Quickly access a large library of parametric factory content—conveyors, material handling equipment, robots, electrical equipment, and more—instead of creating them manually. Or create accurate digital prototypes of custom assets with built-in intelligence, such as connectors and a landing surface, that allow for easy placement in your layout environment. You can even include models from suppliers in your layout regardless of CAD format, shrink-wrapping and stripping them of unwanted details.

4.Go Lean By Optimizing Factory Design
Get leaner manufacturing operations by using Factory Design Suite to improve the effeciency of your factory design. Analyze your layout for efficient material flow, machine utilization, and energy consumption in the early stages of layout design. Identify non-value-added costs incurred by transporting material within the factory, and quickly consider multiple what-if scenarios to optimize your layout. Improve manufacturing flexibility and efficiency by designing factory layouts that help reduce waste in all forms.

5.Identify Potential Issues Before Commissioning
Manage and aggregate a multitude of disparate data from different equipment providers into one model so that you can optimize factory layouts and manufacturing operations. Validate and qualify manufacturing equipment, conduct clash analysis, and check for clearances digitally before you make any expensive capital equipment commitments.

6.Spend more time innovating and less time drawing
With Autodesk Factory Design Suite, you can create installation drawings directly from a validated and optimized digital factory model and decrease the time you now spend manually creating and updating installation drawings. Change it once, change it everywhere. Because drawings are associative to the factory layout model, they automatically update whenever layout design changes. With comprehensive tools for generating accurate engineering and installation documentation directly from the 3D model, Factory Design Suite can help you spend more time innovating and less time drawing.

7.Use Powerful visualization tools to Win More Business
To communicate compelling layout ideas to stakeholders quickly and rapidly, create 3D visual layouts with simple drag-and-drop techniques. Instead of delivering 2D drawings, impress potential clients and stakeholders with immersive interactive animations and stunning near photorealistic renderings of 3D layouts.

8.Get Exceptional Value
It costs up to 68 percent less to purchase Autodesk Factory Design Suite than to buy the component products individually.*

9.Reduce the Burden on Your IT Department
By rolling out a single standard suite of factory design tools instead of individual products, your IT department saves significant time on software installation, deployment, and management.

10.Extend Your Value with Autodesk Subscription
Extend the value of your software investment with access to the latest releases and web services. Additional benefits that enhance productivity include expedited technical support and flexible licensing options. New web services help you compete more effectively by using the power of cloud computing technology for design analysis and optimization. Technical support responses delivered by Autodesk resources provide a high-quality service experience. Learn more at www.autodesk.com/subscription.*

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