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CAD Professor,

Although there are millions of sites featuring about AutoCAD Inventor (Autodesk Inventor) & AutoCAD, this site would try to be bit different than the others in a way to showcase the best concepts and practices one should follow to increase producitvity. To support these, tutorials, new developements, innovative technology & latest news updates on these tools would be made available on this blog.

I have been in the CAD World since last 2004 and never looked back to stop learning this space. Today I have gained lot more exposure and confidence to share the knowledge, I have obtained through various sources. I felt its time for me to give back to the CAD Community and help those who are entering the CAD Domain to master and gain good self confidence to get them into various CAD industries.

The Blog mainly features tools such as AutoCAD Inventor & LT and AutoCAD & LT both past and present version, further news and updates related to these tools in the CAD Space.

I hope you would enjoy your stay in the Blog and gain sufficient expertise in using these tools and increase your day to day productivity.

The last but not the least, the best way you can experience the blog grow and gain the resource, is to get your voice heard in the comments column or you can just E mail for constructive critics to me at


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